Darigold has all of the high-quality ingredients you need to Bake it Better. Bake it with meltier cheese, tastier butter, and creamier cream for a smoother, crispier, yummier, cheesier, and easier meal!


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Whole Milk

Bake it smoother, fluffier, and more delicious with Darigold Whole Milk.

Half & Half

Add a splash of creamy, indulgent goodness with our half & half.

Heavy Whipping Cream

Whip up something unforgettable with Darigold Whipping Cream.

Medium White Cheddar

Our cheddar melts smoother and creamier so you can bake your best.


It’s not baking without butter, and Darigold Butter bakes it better.

Sour Cream

Don’t skimp on the sour cream. Pile on the tangy goodness.

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